Angling (using natural bait) is a vertical type of fishing that is without a doubt the most accessible technique for beginners. It is fun, effective and can be practiced anywhere, in any type of weather, using all sorts of bait. A wide range of species, all shapes and sizes can be caught using this technique.

More about it

The basic idea is to fish vertically from the spot you will have chosen: A wharf, a cliffside or a boat or even from the rocks if the water is deep enough there. All you will need is: a line, a few sinkers and hooks – most of the time you don’t even need a rod.

You will discover the different types of angling such as boat hand angling or angling using slider rigs and you will learn how to setup and to choose the appropriate technique according to the current, the target specie or water depth.

You’ll also find a few cooking suggestions and easy recipes to prepare all sorts of fish, from sar to gilt-head sea bream.

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