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The Winkle


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You will find winkles on all the beaches. It is the most consumed of the small marine gastropods. Hanging on the rocks, it is easy to pick up and its fishing is accessible to all.

How to recognize the winkle?

Between gray-green-brown hawks and around the pearly white mouth, yellowish-white or light-brown white hawks and black hawks recognizable for their rounded, light-black shell, the latter will be collected only variety.

Where to catch the winkle?

He lives in a group on the vertical walls of the rocks or among the algae that hang there.

When to catch the winkle ?

It is possible to fish the winkle all year round. The fishing takes place at low tide, when the rocks are discovered.

The fishing technique

Winkles are collected by hand and at low tide near the sea, either on the rocks or at their feet.

Fishing equipment

Winkle fishing does not require any equipment; it is fished directly by hand.

Select the best specimens

Keep only big winkles, discard smaller ones to allow breeding.


In boiling water, a little peppery and very salty (add a small handful of salt when you think you have too much), pour winkles. Foam if necessary. Drain after 6 to eight minutes of cooking, depending on the size of the candidates. It is prudent to taste one before. An undercooked beard will withstand before leaving its brown tortilla at the bottom of the shell, an over-cooked beard will not withstand traction, but the tortilla will also remain at the bottom of the shell. I tell you about art! Optionally, the boiled beetroot water can be spiced with a little four spices, one or two bird peppers and a fennel stem fragment.

One of the best things in the world is a thin slice of rye bread, very lightly toasted, spread with salt butter, and abundantly served with mustard.

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