The Apache trout

The Apache trout

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The Apache trout belongs to the Salmonidae family. The Apache trout is 15 to 61 cm long and weighs 0.2 to 2.7 kg. It rarely exceeds 25 cm but can reach up to 40 cm in its natural headwaters. It breeds from May to June. Fishing for Apache trout is prohibited all year round.
Apache trout are yellowish gold in color with a golden belly and have medium sized dark spots, uniformly spaced, which can extend below the lateral line and over the dorsal fins and tail. The top of the head and back are dark olive in color, and it appears to have a black stripe/mask through each of its eyes, thanks to two small black dots on each side of the pupil. There may be a throat mark under the lower jaw, ranging from yellow to gold.

The Apache trout lifestyle

Apache trout feed on terrestrial and aquatic insects, such as trichoptera and diptera. In lakes, they also feed on small fish and zooplankton.
Apache trout spawn from March to mid-June and vary according to altitude. It was found that maturity occurred in three years and that fertility is based on trout size. A female usually produces 72 to 240 eggs in fish from 13.1 to 19.1 cm and 646 to 1,083 eggs in fish from 29.8 to 34.9 cm. The eggs hatch after 30 days. A female of Apache trout spawn only once in a lifetime, which also causes its extinction.

The Apache trout habitat

Apache trout is the state fish of Arizona, and is one of only two species of trout native to this state, the other being the Gila trout. It lives natively in the clear, cool streams of the White Mountains that cross coniferous forests and marshes, but has been introduced into several lakes in the region. Apache trout are native to the upper Salt River watersheds (Black and White Rivers) and the upper Little Colorado River. Apache trout have been introduced into isolated streams outside their historical range in the Pinaleno Mountains and the northern shore of the Grand Canyon.

The Apache trout Angling

Fishing for Apache trout is prohibited all year.

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