The Atlantic Sturgeon

The Atlantic Sturgeon


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The Atlantic Sturgeon belongs to the Acipenseridae family. Its length can generally reach 3 m; its maximum length is 4.3 m. Its weight is between 150 and 200 kg; it can reach a maximum weight of 368 kg. It can live to 60 years and over. It only reproduces every 2 years. The maximum fertility rate is 3.75 million eggs. It is one of IUCN's protected species and fishing is highly regulated. It can be fished during the cool seasons.
It has a snub nose, with four barbells in the front of his belly mouth. It carries five rows of bone plates on the back and sides of the body. The dorsal lobe of its caudal fin is longer than the ventral lobe. The skeleton of this bony fish is largely cartilaginous.

The Atlantic sturgeon lifestyle

They feed on mollusks, worms, shrimps and other crustaceans, as well as fish such as sand lance. The Atlantic sturgeon finds its food by searching the loose bottom with his toothless belly mouth, helped by his barbells with taste buds and his snub nose.
The Atlantic sturgeon spawn at the foot of rapids and waterfalls in fresh water. It is an anadromous species, which then returns to salt water. The female produces an abundant egg laying, with between 800,000 and 2,400,000 eggs and can reach a maximum of 3,75 millions. The weight of her ovaries can reach one third of her total weight. After the spawning, the female travel back downstream.

The Atlantic Sturgeon habitat

The Atlantic Sturgeon lives on the funds where it feeds itself. The Atlantic sturgeon spend their adult lives in salt water, along the Atlantic coast, and in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The Atlantic Sturgeon angling

This fish is subject to very strict regulation. It should not even be fished. Consult the competent authorities before fishing for Atlantic sturgeon.
It can be fished during the cool seasons. When it is too hot, the sturgeon dies in the nets. That's why there's an off-season in the summer. It is fished with a net.

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