The Blacktip Shark

The Blacktip Shark


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1,40 m

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The Blacktip shark belongs to the Carcharhinidae family. If the maximum height is between 2.50 and 2.80 m, the average is more usually around 1.50 m, for a weight of 120 kg. The life expectancy of the blacktip shark is estimated at 12 years. Mating takes place from spring to early summer. It can be fished all year round.
The blacktip shark has a relatively slender body with a long, conical snout. Its back and sides are ash grey; a light horizontal lateral stripe marks this area of the white belly quite slightly and a broad white line is often visible, belonging to the belly, coming from the caudal peduncle and stopping under the dorsal fin. The long nose is flattened dorso-ventrally and appears slightly rounded when viewed from below. The eyes are forward, relatively small. The mouth is wide. The nostrils are thin and you can't see the spiracles. The upper and lower teeth are quite similar, with a broad base and an almost straight point with finely crenellated edges. The pectoral fins are sickle-shaped. The first pointed dorsal fin with a pyramidal profile is inserted just behind the pectoral fins. The second dorsal fin is much smaller, facing the anal fin, of the same size. Just in front of the anal fin is a pair of small pelvic fins. Finally, the caudal fin is heterocercal with a fairly large upper lobe. All fins, except the anal, are bordered with a dark color on the trailing edge or apex, varying in intensity from one individual to another. The lower edge of the pectoral

The blacktip shark lifestyle

At nearly 90%, its diet is quite specifically piscivorous.
The age of sexual maturity is considered to have been reached in the male of the blacktip shark when it reaches a size between 1.35 and 1.80 m; a female is then between 1.20 and 1.90 m. In this placental viviparous species, the female has a single ovary for two functional uteri. Eggs and embryos are not equally distributed. Gestation lasts about 12 months; parturition usually takes place in July. The reproductive cycle is biennial, but in some specimens, vitellogenesis occurs in parallel with gestation. The two uteruses are divided into chambers and in each of them a single embryo develops.
Birth height, based on completed embryos and newborn individuals, is between 61 and 65 cm in total length (with tail). The weight ranges from 935 g to 1,375 kg. Only a few eggs develop, one egg per oviduct in general, the others disintegrate. Ovarian fertility is slightly higher than uterine fertility.

The blacktip shark habitat

The blacktip shark prefers to frequent coastal areas, estuaries or mangroves than pelagic areas in which it nevertheless crosses.
It can be found in Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, incursions into the Mediterranean.

The blacktip shark angling

It can be caught by the use of longlines, bottom trawls, fixed-bottom nets, and hook-and-line.

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