The Coho Salmon

The Coho Salmon


From July to October

Minimum size

40 cm

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The Coho Salmon belongs to the Salmonidae family. it measures about 71 cm by 5 kg in general. They have a life expectancy of 5 years. They spawn from September to January. They can be captured from July to October.
During their ocean phase, coho salmon have silvery sides and a dark blue back. After entering fresh water, they develop bright red flanks, blue-green heads and backs, a dark belly and dark spots on the back. Sexually mature fish develop a pale pink or pink shade along the belly, and males may have a slight arch on the back. Mature adults have a pronounced red skin color with a darker back.

The Coho Salmon lifestyle

Young coho salmon in lakes and rivers eat mainly insects. During their migration to the sea, young salmon feed on planktonic crustaceans. As they grow and move further offshore, they begin to hunt larger forage species such as fish, squid and jellyfish.
Adult coho salmon enter fresh water to spawn from September to January. Females generally choose spawning grounds near the head of an invert with medium to small gravel substrates. Females dig nests by partially turning around. Using powerful and fast tail movements, the gravel is dislodged and transported a short distance downstream of the current. Repeating this action creates an oval to round depression at least as deep and long as the fish. Eggs and milt are released into the redd. About 100 or more eggs are laid in each field at a time. The fertilized eggs are buried in the gravel when the female digs another redd just upstream, then the process is repeated. Egg laying lasts about a week, during which the female lays between 1,000 and 3,000 eggs. Coho salmon eggs hatch about 48 days at 8°C and 38 days at 11°C.

The Coho salmon habitat

Coho salmon can be found on both sides of the North Pacific Ocean, from Hokkaidō in Japan and eastern Russia, through the Bering Sea to mainland Alaska and south of Monterey Bay in California.
Coho salmon are an anadromous species that spend their lives mainly in salt water, then migrate to freshwater to spawn. In general, adult coho salmon migrate from the sea or lake, then school at the mouth of the river and move downstream when precipitation significantly increases water flows.

The Coho Salmon angling

The Coho Salmon can be caught by fly fishing or other fishing techniques for Salmonidae.

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