The Devils Hole Pupfish

The Devils Hole Pupfish


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The Devils Hole Pupfish belongs to the Cyprinodontidae family. It is the smallest Cyprinodontidae species in the desert, measuring an average of 19 mm. It lives from 6 to 12 years old. It can reproduce all year round. It is one of the rarest fish in the world that happens to be in danger. Fishing is therefore prohibited.
Males and females of the Devils hole pupfish have a rounded caudal fin and do not have a pelvic fin. The short, rectangular caudal peduncle is at the same level as the wide mouth. The jaw contains a series of teeth, with 16 teeth on the upper jaw and 16 on the lower jaw. Its scales are ctenoid and there are no pre-orbital scales. Other distinguishing features include a large head and eyes and an elongated anal fin. The Devils hole pupfish has 17 pectoral rays, 12 dorsal rays and 28 caudal rays. The male is taller than the female, is iridescent blue and has vertical bars on its tail. The female is smaller and thinner than the male, yellow-brown in color, has a light spot on the dorsal fin and no bars on the tail.

The Devils hole pupfish lifestyle

Devils Hole pupfish eat mainly algae that grow on the Devils Hole limestone habitat.
It has a polygamous mating system, which follows a pairwise breeding system, defined as a pregnant female closely followed by one or more males. The male follows the female for a maximum of one hour. Men and women periodically move to the bottom of the pool to reproduce. There is little aggressive behavior between the males. The male will prevent other competing males from interfering by approaching the female or blocking the intruder with his body.

The Devils hole pupfish

The Devils Hole pupfish is a small fish are located in the Amargosa Desert ecosystem, in the Amargosa Valley, in southwestern Nevada, in the United States, east of the Death Valley and in the Funeral and Amargosa Mountains.

The Devils Hole Pupfish angling

The angling of Devils Hole pupfish is prohibited because it is one of the rarest fish in the world.

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