The Lesser Amberjack

The Lesser Amberjack


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The Lesser Amberjack belongs to the Carangidae family. It has an average length of 50 cm for 4,53 kg. It has a lifespan of about ten years. It spawns throughout the year. It can be fished all year round.
The body is short, a little wide and slightly tapered from the middle to each end. Above the lateral line, they are olive green, brownish, dark pinkish or purple and below the lateral line, they are white or silver grey. A slightly golden line extends from the eye to the tail and a dark band extends diagonally from the eye almost to the first dorsal fin. Juveniles have seven to eight brownish, irregular and sometimes broken bands. The first rounded dorsal fin has eight spines. The second largest dorsal fin, which is not connected to the first, has a spine and 30 to 32 rays. There are three spines and 19 to 20 rays on the anal fin. The second dorsal fin and the smallest anal fin are similar in shape, with the front ends extending to a peak. The tail is in the shape of a boomerang.

The Lesser Amberjack lifestyle

The Lesser amberjacks are carnivores that feed on small fish and squid in open water or near the bottom of the sea. They pursue rather than ambush their prey.
They are thought to breed off the coast for most of the year. They spawn like the greater amberjack.

The Lesser Amberjack habitat

The small adult amberjack lives in coastal waters at depths ranging from 54 to 131 meters and is found either in open water or on the sea floor. Juveniles live far offshore in surface waters among weed lines and floating debris. They prefer warm waters with an average temperature of 17°C.
The lesser amberjack occurs in the western Atlantic, from Massachusetts to Brazil, via the Caribbean and the northeast and southwestern Gulf of Mexico. In the eastern Atlantic, they inhabit Madeira and the Canary Islands. In the Mediterranean, they are rare. They have been observed in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea off Sicily, in the Strait of Sicily off the island of Lampedusa and in the Gulf of Lions in southern France.

The Lesser Amberjack angling

They are more attractive to live bait cans such as mullets, spinach fish, cigar minnows and net herring. If you prefer Amberjack lures, use a vertical jig that will sink to the bottom where the fish swim.

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